Professionalism—Styles and Dispositions in the Workplace

04/13/2020 12:00 AM - 05/04/2020 11:50 PM ET


This three-week course will allow early care and education professionals to communicate, reflect, and update the professional styles they may use or want to use to improve in the field of early childhood education. Today’s early childhood professional must demonstrate knowledge of the skills, styles, and dispositions required to succeed in the workplace. This requires a commitment to the profession, including commitments to their regular work environment and beyond. Using activities and resources, this course provides participants with strategies to adopt positive and ethical habits that will serve them personally and professionally. Limited spaces are available.

Course Information

  • Trainer: Jasmine Davis
  • CKC: K6.9 C2
  • Keystone STARS & CDA Alignment: LM 3.4.3 / CDA:6
  • All courses offer PQAS and Act 48 hours.
  • Three PQAS and Act 48 hours available.

More Information

For more information, contact Jasmine Davis at 412.567.3933 or

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